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Golden Threads Life Coaching

Our Unique Approach

At Golden Threads Life Coaching I will lead you through a process that awakens your insight and activates your next steps.

Through deep listening and gentle guidance, I will shine a light on the 'Golden Threads' in what you bring to the session, so you can see yourself in a different and compassionate light. 

This is not traditional talking therapy or supervision and no two sessions are ever the same. It is based on trusting your own process, giving you room to explore your perspective, and my curiosity about potential blocks and bringing the puzzle pieces together.

My approach is based on deep listening and compassionate inquiry, and informed by the science of emotions, interneurobiology, trauma, professional supervision and other life experiences!

You are welcome to have a free chat with me to see if this resonates with you.

Positive Feedback

"Everyone needs a Laura!"

Conference Organiser

“Laura really helps me to get out of my own way and see things from a higher perspective. Our conversations help me to find clarity regarding where to focus my efforts. I can clearly see the best next steps to move my business forwards and reach the right clients. The regular support helps me to focus on the actions that will make a real difference, and to avoid getting sidetracked with distractions that aren’t important, but might appear to be.”

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