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10 Mar 2020

How to talk to kids about coronavirus 

The number of people diagnosed with coronavirus and dying from it are increasing every day. As parents we have our own concerns and fears but how much should we share with our children and young people? Where do our responsibilities lie with regard to keeping our children safe while at the same time protecting them from certain information?

Mini guide for parenting with connection in mind


Children are under the protection of their families. We have a responsibility to keep them safe from information that may terrify them or trigger them if they are not able to deal with it. That's why we have ratings on films. 

So we have to judge what is relevant and appropriate for our children to be exposed to or discussed with them.


We are often over-eager to share our agenda with our children. As parents, we are often stressed and in a rush which leads to us being reactive and impulsive in our thoughts and actions.

So it’s good to be aware of what we are sharing with our children or within their earshot and consider whether it is actually our stuff.


Children are emotional sponges. They pick up on our thoughts and feelings and it has an impact on them. They need to feel safe and secure and they do this in part by co-regulating with us. 

So when we’re talking about coronavirus it’s important not to get too excited or too upset and stay self-regulated. Children thrive on joy and calm.


Children do best when led by a caring alpha parent. They need to know who is in charge. They can adapt to changing circumstances as long as they feel well held.

So whatever happens, whether schools close or you have to self-isolate due to potential symptoms or something else, be mindful to show your children that you can handle it and you will get through it. 

For advice and support in parenting with connection in mind, contact Laura Newman at SEND Family Connections