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SEND Family Connections

Our story

How we evolved into SEND Family Connections

From ‘Connected Child’ to ‘SEND Family Connections’, we have always been about connection. Our name change reflects our focus on neurodivergent parenting, working with families with children and young people with special educational needs, disabilities and neurodivergent conditions

I started out in 1987 as a Speech and Language Therapist and completed my Masters degree in Human Communications in 1992. Until I had my own child in 2006, I didn’t fully appreciate the emotional demands of family life. 

I have come a long way since the early days of single parenting a sensitive child, with my own anxiety and sleep deprivation. Although so much progress has been made, my daughter still suffered from bullying, panic attacks and meltdowns. My lived experience has helped me to understand and empathise with other parents in similar situations and much more challenging than mine.

In 2011 I completed a 9 month certification training with Hand in Hand Parenting which works well for younger neurotypical children. Searching for a more in-depth approach for SEND children of all ages, I started my training with the Neufeld Institute in 2012. Over several years, I studied the Neufeld development attachment model in relation to aggression, anxiety, hypersensitivity and much more

My Continuous Professional Development is packed with courses and professional activities relating to trauma, attachment, social learning and emotional health.

I have combined my experience in education, therapy and parenting into The LEAD approach : Living Emotional Attachment Development

Becoming more specialised and following what I love to do, has meant some pruning to my services. I no longer offer specialist assessments for EHCP’s or Tribunals. 

At the heart of everything I believe and everything I do is our childrens need to feel safe, connected and confident in their relationships and in their world.

My greatest teacher is my daughter, each and every day x