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LEAD approach

Read the Need and Take the LEAD

The LEAD Approach provides a fresh perspective in the field of children young peoples’ emotional health and social learning. It puts the responsible adults in the LEAD in natural and intuitive ways, within the context of the developing relationship. 

Living Emotional Attachment Development brings together the science of emotion, attachment development and trauma, translating insights into practical solutions for families and professionals. 

By making sense of a child or young person’s presentation in terms of their deepest need for connection, we find some remarkable insights in our understanding of their communication and behaviour.

The LEAD approach is offered in

*Consultancy Support for families 

* Trainings and Supervision for professionals

FREE copy of “Better Relationships: 12 keys to a securely attached child”

This guide into the LEAD approach gives you 4 actionable insights and 8 practical strategies for BETTER RELATIONSHIPS in your family.

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A Shift in Perspective in Parenting & Intervention

LEAD Support Group for parents           LEAD Mentor Group for professionals

*Find out more about the LEAD approach to support your child or young person's emotional health and social learning at home / school

*An opportunity for practise and reflection

*Connect with others who have a similar interest in this fresh perspective

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Webinar in LEAD for therapists (recording expired/ slides & supporting documents available)

In this one hour webinar you will be introduced to the LEAD approach: Living Emotional Attachment Development, a fresh and inspiring perspective in understanding children and young people CYP with an SEMH presentation, and restoring their emotional health, based on developmental science. 

The focus is on CYP's relationship with others, the emotions that drive their behaviours and how we can 'Read the Need and Take the LEAD'. Applicable for SLTs in schools, clinics and wherever there are SEMH needs.

Details on Professionals Access Page

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Webinar in LEAD for Parents & Professionals

This webinar has expired but the presentation slides and resources are available to purchase. Contact