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Parenting in Challenging Times

As our reality changes with coronavirus, our parenting is being challenged on every level. It’s important to find our feet and find our calm so that we can be the emotional anchor for our children.

We may need to fine-tune, re-visit or skill-up on our parenting strategies as our families become isolated from community and cut off from support services 

This page will be dedicated to supporting parents with neurodivergent children and young people and anyone who feels in need of extra support with their children at this time

SAFE & CONNECTED: Parenting in Challenging Times

Daily Facebook lives on SEND Family Connections page 

DAY 1 “Pacing Yourself”

This is going to be an drawn-out emotional journey for us and our young people. There’s no hurry to get anything right today. With school closures in the UK starting today, we are all feeling the hit, if we haven't already. 

Good morning! I’m Laura Newman and I’m going live on FB everyday to share my expertise and support you as best I can. I work with families with young people with Special Educational Needs so most of what I share will be directed to this audience. It is also entirely relevant to anyone who is feeling they are parenting in challenging times.

Taking it steady is paramount because our young people rely on us to co-regulate. We self-regulate, they co-regulate. 

Slowing things down and having realistic expectations of what we can achieve today, letting go of what we want to happen/ get done. Just being really kind to ourselves and doing less.

We are in a transition period as we all get used to the changes. Transitions are not easy. It’s going to be uncomfortable. So pace yourself!

Keep looking forward and being hopeful. Taking 2 steps forward and one step back is fine, but keep facing the direction of hope. 

My invitation to you today is how you can pace yourself. Here are some ideas:

-check in with yourself every hour

-connect with someone later and hold on until then

-set up a support call with a friend or family member

-go for a walk or just take a long breathe in the sunshine

-use a mantra “I’m fine right now; today will end; we are all safe”

-find ways to ground yourself and come back to balance regularly

-S.L.O.W. it all down

Be safe and stay connected in all the different ways you can do that.