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SEND Family Connections

Social Emotional Package for SEND Families 

A Social Emotional Package for families with children and young people with an EHCP for use with Direct Payments 

Also available for private clients without an EHCP 


1. To reduce anxiety levels for parents and for children

2. To address family social isolation issues

3. To address children’s behaviour challenges by meeting their emotional needs within their primary relationships 

4. To meet children’s social communication needs using communication strategies within the context of their primary relationships

5. To support teachers by applying the approach and strategies within an educational setting

6. To provide documentation to support all recommendations made within the sessions 


A basic programme of 5 hours of consultation with Laura Newman delivered optionally:

5 x one hour sessions or 10 x 30 minute sessions

over 5 consecutive weeks or over 5 days

Optional: A baseline assessment of needs and a final assessment of progress compiled in a short report upon completion of the programme.


Initially, a free interview to check suitability for this online package

Optional online assessment questionnaire

Set up structure of sessions to suit parent/carer 


Based on our normal fees