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Our Standards & Commitment

About Laura Newman

Laura Newman is a registered Speech and Language Therapist with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists  (RCSLT) number RC0007472, and a member of the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice (ASLTIP)

LN is registered (number SL 00678) and bound by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) professional standards and code of ethics and subject to their complaints procedure

LN is fully insured and DBS checked to work in the capacity of a Speech and  Language Therapist, including therapeutic work with children and consulting with parents. 

LN is a member of the Information Commissioner’s Office ICO

LN holds a BSc in Biological Sciences, a BSc in Speech and Language Therapy and a Masters Degree in Human Communications. LN specialises in Social Emotional Mental Health SEMH needs of children and young people

Laura Newman is registered for tax purposes at her offices in Devon, UK (address details on invoices).

The Agreement / Contract

The Agreement will remain in effect until terminated by Laura Newman (LN) or the Client (C), together know as The Parties.

The Parties undertake to act in good faith and not to damage the good reputation of either, by referring in a deflammatory manner on social media or any form of communication with others.

By engaging the services of LN,  the C must agree to the terms laid out in this agreement. 

This document will be sent to the C by email separately upon engagement of services.

An opportunity to discuss the contents of this document will be made during the initial intake consultation and prior to starting paid work, but it is the responsibility of the C to read this document and raise any concerns with LN.

The Process

Upon referral, a free intake consultation will be scheduled to discuss the case and determine suitability of service. This will usually take place on a phone call or video conferencing.

In the case that services have been agreed, LN will send the C an email to confirm the next steps and agreed costs involved. 

Client Records, Privacy & Subject Access Request SAR

Clients records are kept in accordance with HCPC, RCSLT and ASLTIP standards. These records are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR and Clients understand the following conditions apply:

- that Client’s notes will not be disclosed to other parties unless permission is given by the Client

- that certain data, including personal data, must be collected in order to provide services.       

- that the Client has the right to Subject Access Request (SAR) to any  personal data collected regarding them or their children. LN agrees to provide the Client with a record of their personal data in a readable format. 

- that the Client can revoke their consent and have the right to be forgotten. In this case LN will stop collecting or processing their personal data and may be unable to provide contracted products or services, and cannot be held responsible for that. 

- that if the Client properly requests to be forgotten, LN will delete the Client’s data, or make it inaccessible. 

    - that if the Client has any questions regarding their rights or privacy, they can contact the email address provided.

    All correspondence between the Parties will remain confidential unless permission (verbal or written) is given by the C to share information with other professionals or with other parents in a parent group or workshop, or in exceptional circumstances where there is perceived real danger to the Client or  others. LN may share information about a Client anonymously within clinical, managerial or peer supervision as part of Continuous Professional Development CPD and as determined by the HCPC code of conduct.

    LN stores and handles personal and sensitive data relating to users and their clients on a secure  digital platform called My Therapy Tracker MTT.

    Clients are provided with a user account and a unique password in order to access data relating directly to their case for the purpose of accessing recommendations and resources, targets and related documents proved by LN.

    Clients are responsible for adding to their contacts so communications go to their inbox and not their junk folder

    Service Charges

    £75 per hour for a 1:1 session and an additional £60 per hour or £15 per 15 minutes thereafter

    £60 per hour for work outside a session (including sending and analysing assessment questionnaires, report writing, lengthy calls, etc)

    £30 per hour for travel from the office for a visit

    Trainings for parents and professionals are charged separately

    Invoices are itemised.


    Fees will be paid in advance for new clients and within one week or before the next session for existing clients. Invoices are sent out after a session or weekly, if more than one session happens during one week, in a pay-as-you-go format.

    Any extra charges for transfers to the UK bank or conversions will be liable by the Client. 

    The preferred payment method is by bank transfer (details on invoice). Other options are paypal, credit card or payment by instalments available by separate negotiation.

    Cancellation is accepted with more than 24 hours notice, otherwise no refund will be given at LN’s discretion. LN may cancel a session at any time due to illness or exceptional circumstances, in which case the session will be rescheduled. 

    Clients are responsible for adding to their contacts so invoices sent from MTT go to their inbox and not their junk folder

    Unpaid invoices are taken very seriously. For work that has been completed and invoices have not been paid within one week of billing, a follow up email will be sent to the client. If payment or explanation is still not forthcoming, an interest rate of 10% on the total outstanding will be applied per week of non-payment.

    Clients Rights & Responsibilities

    The Client has the right to equal consideration and treatment, regardless of sex, race, religion, economic status, age sexual preference or beliefs, to confidentiality as laid down by the HCPC and RCSLT; to be provided with professional and respectful care at all times; to understand the        recommendations made by LN, to make a complaints about LN; to contact LN by email and expect a reply during office hours in school term time, normally within one business day.

    The Client has the responsibility to be honest and share their concerns in full about the presenting situation; to ask questions and request clarification; to discuss any reservations; to report changes in circumstance that may impact on the presenting situation; to keep to the session times; to inform LN of other relevant professionals seen prior to this Agreement and provide the same professional reports in the Client’s possession; to inform LN of other professionals involved in the family and relevant to the presenting situation, including being on a waiting list to be seen, during the work being undertaken; to contact LN during working hours (normally 09:00 - 17:00 on    weekdays) and respect evening and weekend boundaries, unless specifically agreed otherwise. 

    By scheduling an online session, it is the client’s responsibility to read this document before accessing the sessions:

    1. ZOOM:   Pro-Zoom is a secure platform with many useful features for sharing information. It is EU GDPR compliant.

    2. CHARGES:   Our charges for online sessions are the same as face-to-face, £75 per hour, which includes the session notes on your My Therapy Tracker MTT account, resources we have recommended and email support between booked sessions. 

    3. EQUIPMENT:  You will need access to a high speed internet connection, a phone/computer/mobile device with a webcam/camera and a quiet room away from others. Set yourself up in a comfortable place so we can see each other clearly.

    4. CONNECTION:   To optimise our connection, please close down all other apps and browsers on your device. Using a hard connection, as opposed to WiFi, will improve our connection further.

    5. PRIVACY: Please treat this session as you would for any meeting in which you are sharing confidential information. It is also your responsibility to ensure you are protected on your device with adequate security, for example firewall and antivirus programme. We will deliver the session from our private office on a secure computer.   

    6. CONSENT:   We can give you access to record the meeting and to files we share. Please be aware that it is a criminal offence to record, copy or capture images without consent.

    7. PHONE:  Keep your phone line available so we can support you in setting up if necessary or if we lose connection. 

    8. SET UP:  If this is your first time using zoom, please allow an extra 10 minutes to install the zoom app prior to the start of the meeting. It is your responsibility to be on time.

    By engaging the services of Laura Newman at SEND Family Connections, the client confirms that they have read and understood the terms and conditions listed above, understood the responsibilities described therein and thereby giving informed consent to the details as laid out.