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  What our clients say

Feedback from Parent Consultations

“We both found the session with you really useful - a brilliant introduction to the way in which you work. And it was really helpful reflecting on those principles and guidelines over our family visit.”                                   TD Psychotherapist

Very knowledgeable, and approachable. Tailors it to your family needs. 

Laura really is incredibly insightful. It’s amazing when someone hits the nail on the head with the nub of issues that have been there for years. She has transformed things for us and we are so delighted to see the results of all the fabulous things she has suggested.

We were at a loss with our seemingly confident and strong willed adopted 3 year old until Laura stepped in with her insight and expertise. We were veering between reactive discipline and exhausted reasoning in response to his seemingly relentless ignoring of our directions and tendency to pull away from us and head toward danger. Thankfully we encountered Laura who simply and clearly explained to us what she saw in his actions as calls for more boundaries not less. She reassured us as to our role in the relationship and compassionately guided us through alternative ways of responding to him whilst maintaining being the adults in charge. In a very short time her work has transformed things for us all. Thank you Laura.

It felt like a crisis situation caused by my 10 year old daughter's anxiety. Straight away things started improving. E loved meeting Laura and was delighted that she was going to help her (and me) with her worries. She relished her first Special Time, as did her 12 year old brother (and me)! That evening E went to sleep better than she has done for ages after a great afternoon of being connected (to each other as opposed to digital devices). The next morning she was far more resilient than she has been for weeks! She went in to school that morning and I collected her at lunch time (her school attendance is hit and miss at the mo). On collection she was still more resilient than her current norm. The week has continued in that way. She hasn't had one single Panic Attack whereas she was having one in the evening contemplating school and one in the morning going to school! Her adrenaline and cortisol levels have returned to a far healthier level (as have mine). We are so grateful and really looking forward to our next session. I sing your praises to every parent I speak to! THANK YOU!

Thank you very much for the sessions I have recently had with you. You have given me a great deal to think about and add to my lessons making them more fluid and less based around a whole hour of history. I have since we spoke looked at the various websites and i have ordered the living values booklet which have a variety of lessons on values for me to introduce at the beginning along with brain teasers for a mini break for us all. Thank you for providing me with the necessary tools to enable me to work on a higher vibration with the pupils; I will keep you up to date on how things progress.

Laura. The tools you taught us have definitely been useful in the tricky transition from being a three person family to a four person family. Generally "A" is thriving very well as a big sister and even when she's not I feel I have more of an insight into whats going on for her and what might help. 

A month ago our 16 year old son started to create some problems. We were shocked and didn’t find a way to handle these problems. We don’t live together and also have our own difficulties therefore due to our different points of view; we did not come up with a common solution or idea. Therefore we contacted Laura for help. After our first 2 hour meeting we felt much better and comfortable, having some guidelines to follow. After a month now we have done so much progress and can really recommend Laura to anyone who is in the same position. It is worth taking recommendation from a professional. Thank you Laura.

Our areas of concern with our son included social anxiety at school, difficulty in adapting to changes to routine, fidgeting, hypersensitivity to smell and to noise, sensory issues and meltdowns about seemingly minor issues.  Laura has totally changed the way in which we read his behaviour. We now feel equipped to understand his actions and rather than being frustrated or at times angered by it we have learnt to interpret it and respond calmly. Laura is the first to point out that there is no quick fix but we have definitely seen encouraging results in a short period and our relationship with our son is much stronger which in turn has made a huge improvement in our family life. 

Feedback from Trainings

Laura is an approachable and knowledgeable professional who has the ability to make the complex understandable.

Lots of in-depth information which we can be used to support the children we see and help put the jigsaw together

Team at bibic, Somerset

Feedback from Peer Supervisions

Thanks so much for your time and advice which had been really helpful. I will certainly recommend your website and service to parents.
Katie Bass, Speech and Language Therapist

Feedback from Professional Collaboration

It has been a joy to see the positive difference that Laura has made for our mutual client. Her LEAD approach has enabled our client to bring the communication therapy and strategies we have worked on into more meaningful and effective interactions with family and friends. I highly recommend Laura and her LEAD approach. It works. Sandra Robinson, Independent Speech and Language Therapist